- Read Road Bike Path Connector -

If you haven't already noticed, the City of Thousand Oaks is trying to make cycling safer and fun. Within the last year they have installed a bike path from Olsen Road and Highway 23 down onto Read Road heading into Moorpark. The city calls this the "Read Road Bike Connector." Basically, it is a way for bikers, police, fire and emergency vehicles a shorter and quicker way to an isolated section of Thousand Oaks off Read Road. This "bike path" is also meant to divert cyclists from using the very hazardous Norwegian Grade (Moorpark Road). This bike path has been dropped down from heaven because now Moorpark and Camarillo bikers do not have to go all the way into Simi Valley, bike on Highway 23 or use Moorpark Road to venture into Thousand Oaks. Thanks to Chris and Kathy at the Public Works Office in Thousand Oaks for guiding this project. To view some of the "Read Road Bike Connector Photos" just click on the link.