-New Away Ride Addition-

Just to see how the idea flys, the Moorpark Bike Club is adding a "Away Ride" every 3rd Sunday of the month starting in January 2011. Most bikers like to venture to different places for a bit of variety. So, in our efforts to expand the interest in the bike club we have added a ride that will begin at Freedom Park at the Camarillo Airport for a ride down the coast into Malibu. The ride will begin at 8:30am like the other club rides and will end with a "refueling meal" at the Waypoint Cafe overlooking the Camarillo Airport. The full ride is about 47 miles, but you can turn around anywhere to shorten the distance of your route. So, come join us in 2011 for one of the best bike rides in California, "Malibu Out & Back" overlooking the Pacific Ocean!