-Highway 101 Bike Lanes-

Ground breaking ceremonies finally opened on April 30th for the widening and improving of the bike lanes on the 101 Freeway from Seacliff in Ventura and Bates Road in Carpinteria. The members of the Channels Islands Bike Club started their ride from the Mission Parking Lot in Ventura to the ground breaking at Casitas Pass Highway 150 and Carpinteria Avenue. The CIBC was instrumental in helping form the final decisions for the bike lanes on that section. Eventually (2015 or sooner) the bike lanes will begin after the Rincon Fire Station at the underpass of the old Mobil Pier. A new entrance will be installed on the oceanside of the freewy where BOTH north and south bike lanes will be constructed nearest the ocean. Their will be no parking allowed on this area so as to allow more room for an additional carpool (3rd lane) and the bike lanes. The bike lanes will have a safety (k-rail) to help shield the bikers from the cars and truck along the freeway. Thanks to everyone that was involved in the upgrading of this important Pacific Coast Bike Trail. One of many links just click on "101 Widening."