-Goatheads, a sticky situation-

Here is a Facbook Post from our resident expert Ernesto on GOATHEADS!!! During the late summer and early fall, goatheads become the bane of every bike rider’s existence. Just last Saturday, on the return leg of my 72 miles ride, I had two flats tires. The culprit? Those infamous little goatheads. While I sat under the hot sun, repairing the inner tube and cursing the existence of goatheads, I remembered an article that I read about goatheads. It turns out that the little devil’s thorns (another name for goatheads, along with puncture vine) are the “seeds” of the Tribulus terrestris, a flowering plant found throughout Southern California. It turns out, according to the research, that an extract derived from the Tribulus terrestris is believed to increase the production of testosterone. Additionally, some scientists believe that Tribulus terrestris can be used an aphrodisiac. So, next time you pass me on the road changing a tire under the hot sun, don’t be too surprised if you also see me chewing on a Tribulus terrestris . Heck, if you can’t beat them…chew them!