-Changes for the 2013 Ride Calendar-

Every six months to a year the ride schedule is modified somewhat. Either the rides are substituted with a new route or slightly changed. So it will be for the 2013 biking season beginning in January. Two routes will be modified to add some new scenery and lengthen the distance a little. The "North Ranch 31 Miler" is being modified to the new "Westlake 37 Miler" so as to now include going around Westlake and eating at the Coffee Bean at Westlake Plaza. While the "Sunset Hills 23 Miler" will be changed to the "Wildwood 27 Miler" so as to bike down Olsen Road past Cal Lutheran University and back along Avenida de las Flores to avoid freeway onramps. Meanwhile our famous "Somis Groves 35 Miler" will REVERSE itself to a counter clockwise direction heading to Moorpark first and then Somis as shown by the "Somis Groves CCW 35 Miler." Also, the "Lost Canyons Ride" has been renamed to the "Big Sky Ride." Finally, the "Neptunes Net Ride" has been renamed to "Malibu Out & Back." Also, an alternate ride will be in place, during the summer months, for the "Lost Canyon" and "Santa Susana" rides IF it heats up too much to venture into east Simi Valley. We think you will enjoy the new routes, so come ride with us and remember to bring a friend.