-Great news on the 101 Bike Path construction-

Here is an up date on the construction of the "101 Bike Lane" from the old Mobil Pier to Bates Road exit in the La Conchita area of Ventura County. All of this is good news with completion of the new bike lane during the summer of 2014 along the ocean side of the freeway:

"Thanks to Mike Crystal, we received some information from the project engineer regarding the upcoming bike lane on the 101 freeway.

Next week, beginning Sunday night, December 8th, we will begin realignment of the highway from Bates Road to Mobile Pier. This realignment, which involves re-striping the highway and moving k-rail, will take approximately one week (all night shift) and will allow us to work exclusively on the ocean side of the highway to complete the new bike path. In order to provide a continuous and safe temporary bike route along the highway, ALL bike traffic (both northbound and southbound) will ride on the northbound shoulder of the highway, protected by k-rail. This temporary bike path will run from the Bates Rd northbound off-ramp to the Old Pacific Coast Highway, through our yard/staging area across from Mobile Pier. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that once realignment is complete, all cyclists ride in this designated bike path, since there will no longer be a bike lane on the southbound shoulder of the highway. Cyclists need to use extreme caution when crossing the entrance to La Conchita, since vehicles have the right of way.

We are about 12-18 months ahead of schedule for overall completion of the project and hope to have the new bike lane open by Summer 2014."