- Arroyo Simi Greenway Bike Path Improvements -

     Finally after years of planning the upgrading of the Arroyo Simi Greenway Bike Path in Simi Valley in underway. This river levee has been a means for commuters, recreational cyclists, runners and walkers to enjoy the scenic water shed along the Sinaloa River. This "road" for cyclists has been more of a frustration due to the rough pavement, difficult gate entrances and generally a lack of concern for the safety and visual appeal of the surroundings. But now the planning is coming alive with the construction and upgrading of the bikeway. Look for safer entrance gates with massive signage showing that this is actually a recreational area. Thanks to the City of Simi Valley and Rancho Simi Parks and Recreational for their efforts. Looking forward in seeing the improvements soon. Here on "Arroyo Simi Webpage" for more information.