- THE BEST BIKE RIDE EVER in the history of mankind -

So what happens when you have a long list of positive things happen during a bike ride? Well, you classify it as the BEST BIKE RIDE EVER. So what made the "Conejo Valley 45 Miler" such a great ride on New Year's Day?
  1. Starting the ride on a cold morning
  2. Biking into the sun to warm up
  3. Having an unknown person take our team photo (and not steal our phone)
  4. Getting a tail wind into Thousand Oaks
  5. Refueling at Rich & Bev's house in Lynn Ranch (thanks so much guys!)
  6. Having a very light car traffic day
  7. Getting a cool beach breeze in Newbury Park
  8. Lucky to have NO cars on Potrero Road while biking down into CSUCI
  9. Having another tailwind into Camarillo
  10. Eating Debbie's home made cookies at the end of the ride (YUMS)
  11. Biking with wonderful friends on a beautiful day!!!!!!!!