- Simi Valley finishes much needed bike safety issues -


Simi Valley has never been noted as a bike friendly community. But, recently the agencies within the city limits have finished or working on completing projects that will benefit road cyclists. First, the biggest surprise, is the completion of about 50 yards of mud and dirt along the Sinaloa River Bike Trail just off Erringer Street. The second surprise is also on the bike trail. At the terminus of the Sinaloa River Bike Trail at Madera Road the hazardous low hanging tree has been removed and forms in place to pave the route to the cross walk. And thirdly, the much needed paving of Easy Street from Madera to "Old LA Avenue" will now make a much smoother ride on our way into Moorpark. Now, if only the City of Moorpark will finish the much needed road project from High Street to Condor in the east end of the city.