- Pacific Coastal Bike Path is now OPEN -

     YES, after over two years of waiting the Pacific Coastal Bike Trail is now OPEN for your biking pleasure. The trail begins thru the tunnel just past the Fire Station at Seacliff from the "Old Mobil Pier" parking lot on the ocean side up the coast and exiting at Bates Road. This path was designed by Caltrans with the help of the Channel Islands Bike Club. Caltrans went into great detail on designing the fencing on both sides of the trail. You will agree that this link between Ventura and Carpinteria is now the "show piece" of all bike trails in the USA! Come join the CIBC on a Saturday morning up to Carpinteria to view the path yourself! You can view photos from the beginning to the end of the project by clicking on "Pacific Coastal Bike Trail Photos" or the "KEYT television news broadcast Video."