- New and Modified Rides on the Schedule -

     Every six months or so the ride schedule is tweeked to create some variety and different scenery. The routes modified are: 1- Westlake 37 Miler to the Westlake 40 Miler; 2- Wildwood 28 Miler to Los Robles 33 Miler; 3- Sterling Hills 33 Miler to the Double Somis 49 Miler, 4- Simi Hills 33 Miler to the Lost Canyons 30 Miler. On every ride please print out or download the route slips so you know of the new twists and turns on these new routes.
     Also, many of the routes have a "short cut" to lessen the mileage or difficulty of the route. Check out the routes and see where you could shorten a route but still join the group on a ride and eat at the rest stop.