-2 for the price of 1-

This weekend is a real winner. There are 2 rides planned. On Saturday 3/19 is our "Somis Nut House" ride of 33 miles into the citrus groves of Moorpark & Somis. Two breaks are planned for this ride. The first one at Kim's Donuts in Camarillo & and second after the ride at Java Kai across the street from the ride start in Moorpark. On Sunday 3/20 is the monthly away ride from Freedom Park at the Camarillo Airport leaving at 8:30am for the "Malibu Out & Back" ride of between 20-47 miles. Mileages vary according to where you decide to turn around. An after ride brunch will happen at the Waypoint Cafe also at the ride start of Camarillo Airport overlooking the landing airplanes. A great two days of California bike riding. Be prepared, sprinkles and rain is forecast for this weekend.