-Lynn Road Bike Path Construction-

After many meetings and years of planning the City of Thousand Oaks has set it's calendar to begin construction on the "Lynn Road Bike Path" in March of 2013 with a completion date around August, 2013. The three sections from Avenida de Las Arbolas to Hillcrest Road has no bike lane, unless you want to sacrifice your body in the street or ride on the sidewalk. Both are very bad ideas. So the city plans to move the car lanes over to the center median and then have enough room to add the much needed bike lane. Thus, when completed we can bike from Simi Valley's Madera Road to Thousand Oaks Lynn Road to the top of Potrero Road in bike lanes with wide streets for a total of 16 miles ONE WAY! Nothing can be better. So looking forward to this much needed safety project. Thanks to the Thousand Oaks Public Works Department with Dean Morales heading the project along with Kathy Lowry. And remember that the City of Thousand Oaks also constructed the "Read Road Bike Connection" for the safety of the surrounding cities of Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Simi Valley and Camarillo.