- Our Recovering Rider-

Recently one of our riders, Gayle Chaney, was involved in a biking accident while heading into Sunset Hills. She is recovering quite quickly and has a message for the members: "I want to deeply thank all my friends who have shown their concern with great cards, flowers & phone calls. On Oct. 27 I was riding on Olsen Rd. attempting to cross from the bike lane to the left turn lane when a car and I sideswiped each other. I visually & audibly checked for clearance before arm signalling & proceeding to cross. Two things happened before I was knocked unconscious: I heard the sound of a car behind me albeit barely audible( found out later was a prius) and felt my left handle bar touching something hard. Waking up lying in the road the first thing I see is the driver kneeling over me very concerned then the arrival of emergency personnel. Other than the concussion I had a pelvic fracture and multiple abrasions. Thank God for my now-cracked helmet which saved my brain and probably my life! I'm progressing well & expect to be fully recovered by Thanksgiving." Gayle Chaney