Due to heat predictions this coming Saturday June 19th, the time of the ride departure for the "Lost Canyon and Peacocks Ride" is now  7:59am

- Moorpark Bike Rides FREE Strava App -


     If you have not already tried it, click on this STRAVA APP for the Moorpark Bike Rides. The app is FREE and contains lots of fun and useful information. Also, the current rides are listed with signups also. 

-Moorpark Bike Rides are now OPEN as of March 21-


     As of March 21st, 2021 the scheduled Moorpark Bike Rides is back OPEN to group rides with restrictions. Please social distance and bring a mask. The Ventura County is now in the Red Tier Zone so the Channel Islands Bike Club has opened up rides also. Please check our webpage and the CIBike Webpage for scheduled rides and updates. 

- ALL rides CANCELLED thru March 20th -

    As per the request of the Ventura County Health Office ALL "Moorpark Bike Rides" and "Channel Islands Bike Club" rides have been CANCELLED thru at least March 20th, 2021.
    When biking stay in small groups and keep a safe social distance. Also, your typical refueling during the routes should be eliminated for everyone's safety.
    See you in a month and a half....hopefully!

- Malibu Ride Modifications and Additions -

     Our rock solid ride down the coast has been modified after many years. Please note that the 2nd Sunday of the Month ride still begins at Camarillo's Mission Oaks Park, but there are now two ride selections.
     The route will continue down Lewis to Hueneme Roads and then to Navalair Road on the Pt. Mugu NAS Base before heading to Pt. Mugu Rock State Beach restrooms. Here the route splits into two rides as those that want a longer ride will continue onto Neptune's Net on the "Mugu Naval Air/Neptune's Net 47 Miler".  While those that want a shorter route can return to Camarillo on the "Mugu Nava Air 34 Miler." Both routes head to the CSUCI Campus to refuel at the Market Deli.
      This CHANGE begins on Sunday, February 9th!

- 4th Sunday of the Month CHANGE -


Beginning Sunday, December 22nd our 4th Sunday of the month route is CHANGING to the "Moorpark 34 Miler." As with all of our Sunday rides, this one begins at Mission Oaks Park in Camarillo and heads up Santa Rosa Road into Moorpark before heading into the Somis orchards. Plan to stop at Starbucks near the end of the route. This ride does have hills so come prepared. 

- Simi Hills x 3 Added to Ride Schedule

On the THIRD SATURDAY of each month the "Simi Hills x 3 Route" is being added to the ride calendar beginning in NOVEMBER. This 43 miler offers climbs up Wood Ranch Parkway, Presidio and Lost Canyons in Simi Valley. Plans are to refuel at the Coffee Bean in North Simi Valley. Bring your climbing legs. However, this ride can be modified with our "escape route" to shorten or make your ride less difficult. See you in November. 

- Horse Hill Ride coming back in October -

    Due to popular demand, our "Horse Hill 33 Miler" is replacing the "Newbury Park 35 Miler" for the first Saturdays of the month beginning on October 5th. Plan to join us on this hilly rural delight as we head down into Camarillo before heading uphill thru Somis and Moorpark. A reminder that there is NO food stops until the END of the route!

- July 4th Pedaler's Fork Ride Added -

     Join us on Thursday, July 4th at 9am for our fun Holiday Ride Addition of the "Pedaler's Fork 40 Miler". Plan to depart from Triunfo Park in Westlake Village on this wonderful adventure into the Santa Monica Mountain towards Old Town Calabasas to eat an early lunch at the famous Pedaler's Fork Coffee & Bike Shop. Our goal is to be back to for all of the activities later in the afternoon. Here is the "Pedaler's Fork Route Slip."

- Big Sky Ranch 37 Miler added to Schedule -

     Beginning in March the NEW "Big Sky Ranch 37 Miler" is being added to the ride schedule to substitute for the "Simi Hills x 2 Ride." This move is to avoid the hazardous road situation on Erringer between Alamo and the Arroyo Simi Bike Path. This route has the basic guts as the former rides in the area but with an added route up Tapo Canyon to the famous Big Sky Movie Ranch. There is an "escape route" for those wanting a less difficult or shorter route.